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Civilized Adventure


In Cuba, music and dance are like food and water, and Cubans are ready to share the feast!


Instead of a one-size-fits-all arts experience, we listen to you, putting you in touch with Cuban artists who share your specific interests. We can connect you to professionals practicing the classics, modernism or post-modernism; jazz, abstraction, or romanticism; popular culture, salsa, rumba, hip hop, reggaeton, Afro-Cuban traditions, or whatever form your particular artistic interest takes.


We tailor experiences for individuals and groups.



How It Works

Get Started NOW!


First, consider what kind of art you would like to experience during your travels.


Next, send us a message in the box to the righ to start planning your cultural excursions.


Dr. Suki John will connect with her artistic sources in Cuba, determining what is available during your travels in the fields you have requested. 


Once the arts match is in motion, we will manage the remaining details before you arrive!

Success! Message received.

Modern Dancer from New York City:

  • To study técnica cubana (Cuban contemporary dance)

  • Salsa Rueda experiences in the afternoon

  • Perform a duet with a Cuban partner at the Danzandos Festival in Matanzas.



A Literary Tour Group with an associate stopped on thier way to the beach to visit a dance company.


 The command performance included discussion with the artists and the quote below by one of the American visitors.


"I go to dance shows all the time and I've never seen anything so wonderful."

interactions arranged: 


A group of drummers compares styles of playing the bata, working with a master teacher in Havana and another in Matanzas. A torch singer takes private lessons in the romantic Bolero style with a professor of music from the National School of Art (La ENA).


Literature buffs go way beyond Hemingway’s house, exploring sites and images that they have enjoyed on the page, bringing the real Cuba to vibrant life.


A group of art lovers tours galleries and studios, speaking to individual artists about their working process, and enjoying a hands-on experience in Cuban artesanía.


If you specialize in Madrigals, we’ll find you the best Madrigal singers in Cuba!


Enhancing the expertise of our partner travel agencies, CAM helps ensure a voyage travelers will want to enjoy over and over again.


Trusted travel professionals make your travel plans, we make your travel unforgettable.


You are only a few steps away from experiencing culture, art and life as a local for your next trip to Cuba!

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