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CAM's Inaugural 


Havana Love Letters 

Phase One

A sweeping choreodrama celebrating the enduring, fickle nature of love; 


An international dance exchange with Cuba’s world class dancers,

Havana Love Letters (Cartas de Amor) was workshopped in New York at CAP 21, and during the 2016 Festival de las Artes in Havana;


Cultural Diplomacy through Dance

This production was the first collaboration in six decades between El Instituto Superior del Arte (El ISA) and an esteemed collective of North American artists.


Institutional Partner:

El Instituto Superior de Arte



Havana Love Letters

Watch a clip (below) from the first act, which was danced by students at TCU. Choreography by Suki John, music composition by Joel Diamond, projection/lighting by Roma Flowers, and costumes by Murell Horton.

a Closer look...

download and click on live video!

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