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Why CAM?

It’s simple.


Travelers who are committed to the arts don’t want a one-size-fits-all travel experience! 


While other tour groups offer "cultural travel" to Cuba, most agencies merely make contact with established, mainstream arts organizations (mainly sanctioned by the Government). CAM makes one-on-one arrangements for particular genres of art and culture.


 We are committed to fair exchange, ensuring that our Cuban partners are treated well and paid accordingly. 


Travelers enjoy an experience, customized by  the experts at Cuban Arts Match and AltruVistas Travel.  We excel in personal cultural exchange, connecting travelers with artists who share their aesthetics, skill sets, and professional goals. 



 Matchmakers for the arts, CAM makes your Cuba travel unforgettable.



 Contact us for special pricing on workshops, classes, studio time, event tickets, lectures, 

and artwork purchased in Cuba 

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