What is

Cuban Arts Match?


Cuban Arts Match brings Cuban and North American artists, students, scholars, and art lovers together.


CAM arranges conversations, studio time, formal lessons, group classes, jam sessions, command performances, and other opportunities for meaningful cultural and artistic exchange. 

We tailor cultural travel by art form,

genre and style. 


 Our travel agent partner AltruVistas makes the travel plans while we make the travel unforgettable.


Travel in Cuba is still complicated and unwieldy. Though restrictions have loosened, the rules are many. All travelers need help navigating

unwritten rules.

Let us help you make it memorable!! 

Fields of Artistic Match


Dance: Ballet, Afro-Carribean, popular, contemporary, flamenco, hip hop, rumba, salsa, reggaeton

Music: Orchestral, ensemble,

vocal, jazz, Afro-Cuban, hip hop

Visual Arts: Painting, Sculpture, photography, film, TV and video

Theatre: Physical, classical

Literature: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalism


Photos by David Garten unless otherwise noted: cubaphoto.com

© 2016 by Cuban Arts Match, On Pointe Media, David Garten

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