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Matchmaking for the arts:

 exceptional cultural travel experiences in Cuba.

Travel to Cuba is complicated; 

the rules are always changing! With our travel partner, AltruVistas, we arrange legal, exciting arts travel to Cuba 

Photo by David Garten


Havana Love Letters
The inaugural CAM project 


Havana Love Letters was shown in Cuba at the 2016 Havana Festival de Las Artes!! This work in progress was the first-ever collaboration between Cuba's Juilliard, El Instituto Superior del Arte (El ISA) and a team of North American artists: choreographer Suki John,

composer Joel Diamond,

designers Brian Clinnin, and Murell Horton. 

Let CAM curate your adventure!


To meet Cuban artists on their own turf, to share your interests and passions, enlist the help of Cuban Arts Match!


Let Cuban Arts Match create your perfect

adventure in the arts.


Meet the Founder & Partners
Suki John, the foremost North American authority on Cuban dance, leads a team of experts who have spent years living and working with Cuban artists.
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